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Medieval Crossover

Irina Gushchina / lute, vocal
Alexander Gushchin / violin, lute, zhaleyka
Klemen Markelj /drums
This is a new conceptual music project based on traditional European music from the Middle Ages. Whether the band is actually neo-Medieval or not may be a matter of debate. The skillful musicians use completely original ways in trying to bring this kind of music as close as possible to the broadest audiences. This is mainly done by developing the genre in contemporary spirit.

The trio is led by the instrumentalist Alexander Gushchin. His musical roots reach to the traditions of Russia, but his highly individual and expressive violin playing has also been influenced by the experience he has accumulated abroad, particularly in Denmark and France. He began to perform twenty years ago together with Irina Gushchin. They have both been involved in a number of projects; the Irina and Alexander Gushchin duo has performed under the name IRA ROMA for over eighteen years. As Irina holds a degree in theatre direction from an Academy of Arts, it might not be surprising that her art is under a strong influence of theatre and dance.




Medieval Crossover

Circulaire (A. Gushchin)
Ballad (A. Gushchin, I. Gushchina – unknown author)
Retourner (trad., XIII. cent. – I. Gushchina)
Fulget Dies Celebris (trad., XII. cent.)
Contre Le Courant (A. Gushchin)
Fortuna (A. Gushchin, I. Gushchina – Carmina Burana)
Untertanz (trad., XII. cent.)
Avant Le Combat (A. Gushchin)
Salladin (A. Gushchin)
Chanconeta (trad., XIV. cent.)
Tempus Est Iocundum (Carmina Burana)
Reflections (A. Gushchin)
Croisement (A. Gushchin)
A Que Por (A. Gushchin)
Omnia Sol Temperat (A. Gushchin, I. Gushchina – Carmina Burana)
Recorded at studio Ork, Slovenia © 2011