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Klemen Markelj-The Ocean

-A 15/8, here I orchestrated ghost notes on bongos, tom toms, rototoms and jam block(second jam block played by right foot)
-B straight 4/4 rock beat
– A 15/8 here I play some linear drumming, slowly adding extra hi hats, double bass drums and ghost on toms
-B 4/4 with some double bass drum figures
-A 15/8 drum solo
-B 4/4 adding more fast double bass drumming
-A 15/8 power solo-end

Music is The Ocean by Led Zeppelin
Keyboards: Gašper Kačar

Video: Gregor Galjot http://www.qpvideo.si

Klemen Markelj-Vardar

7/8 foot Ostinato rec. at studio Ork , and qp video studio

Klemen Markelj – Jantra

Klemen Markelj-RioZumba

3/16 foot ostinato and afro ostinato
rec. at studio Ork and qp video studio