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On the 21. of october Grega Habic Band (GHB) released their eight studio album titled ‘Never back down’. Release of the album was accompanied  by two video singles for the songs ‘Art of isolation’ and ‘Dance’.

New studio effort ‘Never back down’ is a vocal oriented record. Grega himself recorded vocals on four songs, while Blazka’s singing is featured on additional two. Back vocals were recorded by Nina Bauman and Mirjana Cirovic. A big creative input on the record is a contribuiton of Klemen Markelj’s drumming and his all around musicianship. Klemen also wrotte the song ‘Camel on the run’ which stands out as a only jazz composition on the new album.

Once again GHB had a lot of help while recording ‘Never back down’ tracks by some interesting musican guests; american Glenn Snelwar (Gordian Knot, At War With Self) did acoustic guitar and bass tracks on ‘Not like the others’, Gasper Gantar (Srecna Mladina, Red Five Point Star) recorded bass on ‘Monolith’, Stash Hrenic (30 Stopinj V Senci) helped out with additional vocals on the title track, Ethopian born Los Angeles based piano and keyboard player Kibrom Birhane is heavily featured on the track ‘Camel on the run’. Mastering was done by the brazilian Matheus Manente.

The new album is presented on all mayor digital music distibution platforms.